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Time Management and Multi-Tasking

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I recently read an article on time management and it got me thinking about whether I actually manage my time properly (if there even is a proper way of managing time; surely it’s different for different people?) I manage my time based around my lifestyle (uni, work, internship, family and friends) and I think I sub-consciously “allocate” my time depending on what’s most important at the time. For example, I have two assignments due tomorrow – so uni is taking priority, sorry friends. I also rely heavily on my iPhone to organise and prioritise my daily schedule; I also have a ridiculous number of post-it notes stuck on my mirror in my bedroom with important reminders. Yet somehow, I often find myself running out of time and constantly saying, “There aren’t enough hours in the day… why can’t I get everything done?”


According to this article, almost everything we have…

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