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April and Milaana’s Story

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Milaana Open

10728520_10152471511587183_1459137694_nEveryone meet April!

This 22 year old graduated from Bond University this year in International Business. But like all our heroes, April brought so much more to Milaana than her ‘area of study’. This talented, young individual was an integral part of Milaana’s beginnings since joining in late 2013 as the Marketing Design Assistant.

With her hidden talents in graphic design and marketing, April helped set the foundation for what Milaana is today and has grown so much herself (see her initial Hero profile here!).

IMG_0012 April with fellow heroes Nelson (left) and Rahul (right)

While still completing her degree, 4 April put all her heart and soul into helping Milaana achieve its goals. Have you checked out this website recently? April helped provide insights and advice for this. Not only that, April created the template for those cool newsletters you get in your email from Milaana. But wait, there’s more!…

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