Tự học marketing

Học Marketing thật đơn giản !

Marketing với chi phí thấp

5 cách để có làm Marketing cho doanh nghiệp vừa và nhỏ.

1. Trade magazines & Publications

2. Adopt Inbound Marketing Approaches 

File0001150419873. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is simply mobile phone marketing and it’s fast becoming a dominant player in marketing approaches for all companies, regardless of size. SMS refers to “short message service” and the general consumer might recognize it as “texting”. However, mobile marketing isn’t merely sending out random texts. Mobile marketing allows small businesses to remain in constant touch with their customers by delivering a number of different advertisements.

Mobile marketing boasts a vast array of marketing techniques including text messages, visual advertisements and voice advertisements. Some mobile marketing plans have an incredible 90% open rate. Today’s consumer is dialed in like never before. A number of small businesses use mobile marketing to deliver clear and concise marketing messages about upcoming events, discounts, promotions, new product introductions and account statements. It’s inexpensive, impactful, and a great way for small businesses to keep their company in touch with their customer base.

4. Links with Local Chamber of Commerce Websites & Blogs 

5. Social Media Sites


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